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Organizing on a Budget

download (1)At my house, my mind can feel a little disorganized at times. I bet your house feels discombobulated too at some times! When classes and work start piling up, so do laundry, mail and other clutter.

Not to brag — but I like to think of myself as a home expert. I am one after all, and it’s my job to help you find the perfect one with Jackson Properties. Once you’ve settled into our community, take a moment to consider some fun and easy ways to keep your new home organized and tidy!

  1. Don’t cut corners!

When you’re picking out furniture, look for items that will help you utilized all the available space! Corner bookshelves, TV stands, and desks fit so easily into those tight spaces in your apartment or home that don’t normally get used. Freeing up wall or mid-room space will give you a chance to add more storage or furniture!k2-_d9a78e80-4352-4e1b-a3c1-0e507a7107e6.v1

Photos from: overstock.com, walmart.com, sears.com

2. Use storage containers in unexpected places.

You know how to use shoe organizers and file folders in the usual way, but here are two creative ideas that will help you save drawer and pantry space in the kitchen!

Use file folder holders on the inside of kitchen cabinets to store plastic wrap, foir or ziplock bag boxes. You can even use them to store cutting boards or paper plates!

Shoe organizers are great containers for the inside of a pantry door. Use them to store spaces, small snacks, canned foods and more. You’ll have more space on your valuable shelves for large and heavy food items.6e46469d03dd7896977d6794bd3d6da8

Photos from: buzzfeed.com, pinterest.com

3. Get magnetized!

Whether you’re looking to organize craft supplies or make up, using magnets is a great way to clear up drawer space and make a fun art piece for a room. Simple take an old cookie sheet, paint or frame it, and place it on the wall.

Pick up magnet strips at the local craft store and fasten them to the back of your blushes, lipsticks or jars with office supplies. Stick them up in a fun pattern and enjoy easy access to the items you use most. You’ll love the new clear drawer you have to hide clutter too!6e753e526eb205ff559be1a9edd3ccec

Photos from: pinterest.com