7 Ways to Keep Utilities Low in Your College Home

So you’re diving into college life! It’s a whole new adventure—exciting, but also a bit nerve-wracking, especially when it comes to adulting stuff like managing expenses. Don’t sweat it though, Jackson Properties has some solid tips to help you navigate the world of utility bills and keep those costs down while you’re enjoying your newfound independence. Let’s dive in and make your college crib a little more budget-friendly with these 7 cost-saving tips.

GIF of a man turning off light switch.

Turn off what you’re not using. Lights, appliances, and electronics consume about 10% of the energy in your home — even when not in use. Unplug devices like coffee makers, cable boxes, and chargers when not using them.

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Adjust thermostat settings. Heating and cooling costs make up a large part of utility bills. Consider lowering the thermostat, wearing warm clothes indoors during colder months, and turning on fans or opening windows for ventilation during warmer weather. Remember to never fully turn down the AC! 

GIF of a man showering.

Save water. Reduce water consumption by taking shorter showers, repairing leaky faucets (you can contact maintenance for this one), and only running the laundry or dishwasher with full loads. 

Minimize hot water usage. Cut down on hot water consumption by limiting shower times, washing clothes in cold water when possible, and lowering the water heater temperature. 

Better laundry habits. Wash clothes in cold water and air dry whenever you can (yes, like in the olden times). Also, make sure to clean the lint trap of your dryer regularly, this will improve airflow which reduces energy consumption. 

Keep up with air filters. Jackson Properties will take care of replacing your air filters regularly, just make sure your return vents are not blocked by anything and keep them clean!

Improve dishwashing habits. Dishwashers use much less water than handwashing, especially when run with full loads. Utility companies tend to increase the cost during the day, so it’s also best to run the dishwasher at night. 


Remember, these small changes can add up over time, so don’t sleep on these opportunities to save some cash. Make sure to talk with your roommates to make sure everyone’s on board with these cost-cutting measures. 

Please contact our office if you have any questions or concerns about your utility bills. And if you’re searching for affordable housing near Florida State University or Tallahassee Community College, look at our available homes for next semester!

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