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Although Tallahassee has many student housing options, few are suitable for grad students seeking a more private and mature environment. Jackson Properties has homes with 1-3 bedrooms that are ideal for students pursuing their master’s or Ph.D. in Tallahassee who want a quiet place to rest and get their work done. In this blog, we will look at some of the homes offered by Jackson Properties that are perfect for graduate students or young professionals. If you are stressed about finding a comfortable home near campus, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Why Lease a Home?

Unlike most apartments on or close to campus, these residences can provide you with the peace and privacy you require while studying or working. Apartments frequently come with very little workspace, noisy neighbors, and little to no parking. Not to mention that they can be pricey with little compensation. Jackson Properties considers our residents’ comfort and strives to provide affordable spaces for all types of students that remain close to Florida State University. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of ideal graduate student housing options for you! 

Best Homes for Graduate Students

Campus Villas

Image of Campus Villas homes in Tallahassee, Florida. Student housing provided by Jackson Properties.

Starting at $990/month

These charming villas have two bedrooms and one bathroom and are located at 1418 Nylic Street. You have the option of turning the extra bedroom into a private office or renting with a friend. There’s no need to worry about noisy neighbors here as the locals find the area to be very peaceful and cozy. To view a video tour or 3D layout you can click here

Campus Circle Cottages

Image of Campus Circle Cottages, student homes provided by Jackson Properties in Tallahassee, Florida.

Starting at $745/month

These single-story homes at 891 Campus Circle have one bedroom and one bathroom. For those times when you need some fresh air, they have a large front porch and backyard area to enjoy. The nearest Chick-fil-A is just a minute’s walk from all units, so you can go get a chicken sandwich to hold you over during your late-night study sesh. You can also invite your partner or friends over whenever you’d like because parking is free for residents and guests! To see a full video tour of a unit or see a 3D model, you can click here

Green Briar Garden Homes

Image of Green Briar Garden Homes, student housing provided by Jackson Properties in Tallahassee, Florida.

Starting at $1,050 /month

These comfortable homes are located at 2110 Jackson Bluff Road (right next to our office!) and have 1-2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. They also have a front porch where you can set up some chairs and drink your morning coffee. Parking is available for both residents and visitors at all properties, and there is even a swimming pool to enjoy with your friends. These residences are only two blocks from the stadium and just a few minutes from FSU’s campus. The neighborhood is mature, with lush manicured lawns, and is ideal for students who prefer a laid-back lifestyle. To view a video tour or a 3D model, you can click here


Image of student townhomes on Continental Avenue. Student housing provided by Jackson Properties in Tallahassee, Florida.

Starting at $1,100/month

These contemporary townhomes on Continental Avenue have units with 1 bedroom and 1.5 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, and 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. Any of the extra bedrooms can be converted into an office space if needed. The living areas are very spacious as well if you want to put an office there too! College seniors, young professionals, graduate students, and anyone else seeking privacy and independent living would find these homes ideal. They are comfortable and reasonably priced, and they’re only minutes from campus. All units also come with back patios and balconies for you to wind down and relax outside. You can learn more about these units and see a video tour and 3D model here


If you’re tired of overpaying for cramped apartments with little to no privacy, you should consider one of these homes to lease. There’s something for everyone, and they’re all conveniently located near FSU’s campus. For more information, contact our office (850-894-7368), or come by and see us in person. We’re located at 1341 Jackson Bluff Road, right by Doak!

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