Part-Time Jobs in Tallahassee

College life can be expensive but there are many part-time jobs available in Tallahassee if you need some extra cash. We’ve compiled a list of on and off-campus part-time jobs and internships that are ideal for college students like you. Although some of these places may be hiring later, it’s a good idea to get a sense of what’s out there so you can keep an eye out for job postings in the future. 

Note that this list does not include other opportunities in Tallahassee. The knowledgeable staff at your college or university’s Career Center recommends speaking with them for more information on jobs or internships in Tallahassee. They can provide valuable information on job opportunities available to students in Tallahassee. 

Part-Time Jobs at Jackson Properties

We are hiring a leasing agent and a marketing intern to join the Jackson Properties team. You can click their respective hyperlinks to view the detailed listings on Nole Network. Both positions are paid and part-time, and we’re willing to work with your class schedules if needed. If you’re interested in marketing or have previous marketing experience, we strongly recommend applying! Both call for strong communication skills, initiative, and a friendly attitude.

Please send your resumé to if you’d like to learn more about these positions or set up an interview. Our office is located on Jackson Bluff Road, right by the stadium, and just mere minutes from the Florida State University Campus, if you want to stop by and speak with us in person as well. Otherwise, to learn more about other opportunities on and off campus, keep reading!

Part-Time Jobs On Campus

To view a complete list of part-time job offers for students at Florida State University you can click here. Check this list weekly for updates and have a resumé prepared to apply when needed. The Career Center at FSU and Nole Network are also great resources for finding jobs and internships, and even to help prepare your resumé. Here’s an employment opportunity to be aware of on campus:

Campus Recreation

If you consider yourself a gym bro (or gym gal) or love the outdoors, this is the place for you. They’ve recently announced that they’re hiring and it’s the ideal location to work if you want to stay close to campus. They hire about 14 rotating positions with different hiring periods (these positions can be viewed here). Some of these require certain certifications, but the only qualification is being an FSU student. For more information, you can visit their website

Part-Time Jobs Off-Campus

Most of these establishments are close to campus and are primarily staffed by college students. Remember that other opportunities in Tallahassee may not be on this list, so be sure to keep an eye out for opportunities online or around town! And if you’re interested in working somewhere that’s not on this list, don’t hesitate to contact them or visit them in person. 

Coffee Shops

Lucky Goat Coffee

Another great local coffee shop in Tally. They have 5 locations in Tally, so there are plenty of options depending on where you live and if you have your mode of transportation. To make inquiries on their hiring schedule and what positions are available you can email them at You can also follow them on Instagram (@luckygoatcoffee). 

RedEye Coffee

Keep an eye out for job postings as this cozy spot is right by campus and offers a relaxing and supportive work environment. If you don’t see any openings, it doesn’t hurt to contact them and see if they have any openings. You can follow them on Instagram (@redeyecoffee), or head over to their website.

Catalina Café

Right on Gaines Street, this local coffee shop is a calm place that would be great to work at. And the best part: you can work with the comforting smell of warm coffee and delicious breakfast foods. Follow them on Instagram (@catalinecafe) to keep up with their hiring offers. 

Bars & Restaurants

Palace Saloon

We know many of you are Palace fans out there, so now is the chance to make some money at your favorite bar. Currently, they’re looking for bartenders and a general manager. Bartenders require no previous experience, but they want someone with an upbeat personality who is good with customers, and preferably someone with a car. As for the general manager position, they’re looking for someone with managing experience and delegation skills. To set up an interview you can shoot them an email at You can also follow them on Instagram (@palace_saloon_tally). 

Coosh’s Bayou Rouge

This local bar is currently hiring back-of-the-house positions, including kitchen staff, bussers, and more. It’s ideally located in a college town and is a great starting point if you want to work your way up to being a server or bartender. Learn more on their Instagram page (@cooshsbr).

Madison Social/Township/Charlie Park

All these locations are managed by For the Table Hospitality and are more competitive than other restaurants, but they’re great places to work if you’re looking to make good tips! We recommend applying if you have previous serving experience and enjoy working in customer service. They hold occasional hiring fairs for each location where you can be interviewed by one of the managers, otherwise, you can inquire about employment opportunities here. You can also follow them on Instagram (@madisonsocial, @townshiptlh, @charlieparkrooftop) to stay up to date on job opportunities. 

Isabella’s Pizzeria Napoletana

This local pizza shop is located on Gaines Street right by FSU and Doak. It’s great if you love pizza and have a friendly personality. Employees get 50% off during shifts and 10% off outside of shifts! They’re looking for people who can work well with the team and are available to work on most game days. One of the perks of this job is that you’re guaranteed two weeks off during winter break when they close (so you won’t have to stress about finding someone to cover your shifts during the holidays). Working here, you can count on having a supportive team who will make you feel at home. Head over to their website or follow them on Instagram (@isabellaspizza) to stay current on employment opportunities.



If you’re a Target lover, you may want to check if the locations in Tallahassee are hiring. With one location on Apalachee and another on West Tennessee Street, there are plenty of positions to go around. From fulfillment to electronics, there are all kinds of positions suitable for all personalities. They are flexible with class schedules and offer bonuses occasionally. Employees also get 10% off on purchases and 20% off wellness items (i.e. groceries), which is great if you’re looking to save on essentials. You can learn more at

Whole Foods

This high-end grocery store prides itself on putting its employees first and providing a comfortable work environment. We recommend applying if you have a car because it’s in Midtown, but it’s still a short 15-minute drive from Florida State University. The store offers employees a 20% discount on their purchases, with the possibility of increasing it to 30% after six months. If you don’t see any open positions, it doesn’t hurt to send in your resume via the link on their website

Ooh La La

This local boutique is located on Gaines Street and Bannerman Crossings. It’s perfect if you love fashion and want a discount on game-day apparel. They’re looking for people who are available to work through the holidays and on weekends. Since you may be required to work at both locations, having a car is essential. The small shop tends to be fairly calm and relaxed, which is ideal if you’re looking for a laid-back job. If you’re interested you can email them at or call them at (850) 933-4433. You can also follow them on their respective Instagram pages (@oohlalatallyboutique and @oohlalabannerman) for more information!

Major Specific Opportunities

Listed below are some internships and job opportunities that are more geared toward specific majors or interests. Check these out if you want to get first-hand experience doing what you love and spice up your resumé. Again, be sure to check with your career liaison and advisors to find the best opportunities suited to your career goals!

Science Majors

If you consider yourself a science nerd and love doing research, Innovation Park Tallahassee is looking for interns this year. Innovation Park is a non-profit organization that nurtures early-stage companies working to commercialize higher education and other locally created technologies. Contact for more information!

Business & Marketing Majors

If you’re majoring in business, marketing, or any other related field you should apply at Domi Station. Domi Station is a non-profit business incubator and co-working space. They offer programs, resources, and events that help entrepreneurs start and scale sustainable companies. They’re currently hiring interns and are also looking for a brand & marketing coordinator. To view all the available internships and positions you can click here

Engineering Majors

Call to all our engineering majors out there! Stantec is hiring an Engineering Intern for the Summer of 2024. Stantec is a global provider of professional services specializing in consulting and design. They offer various student internship opportunities nationwide and are looking for one student to join their team in Tallahassee. The intern will be able to work in a collaborative setting as an intern and gain experience with various infrastructure projects, such as water and wastewater treatment plants, roads, landfills, pump stations, dams, levees, and floodwalls. You can click here to apply and find out more about the position.


Keep in mind that finding a part-time job or internship in Tallahassee will require consistency and determination. If you want to show up in person to one of these locations, we recommend that you come prepared with an updated resumé, appropriately dressed, and with a positive attitude. It’s all about showing initiative and presenting yourself correctly! In any case, we wish you the best of luck in your employment pursuits. 

Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in any positions at Jackson Properties! You can give us a call at (850) 894-7368 or email us at

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