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Our Team

Our Team Pic Nov 2015

Meet the people who make it happen.

IMG_9664Jackson Properties is a team of friendly and energetic property management professionals who specialize in providing off-campus housing options conveniently located near Florida State University (FSU). We are dedicated to making living and learning in Tallahassee a fun, positive and rewarding experience.

More than simply the people who own your building, collect your rent, and make sure that everyone plays nicely, we like to think of ourselves as your extended family. We know where you are at because we’ve been there — we may even be going through it with you! Many of us are FSU students, too, who not only work for Jackson Properties, but we live there as well.

See you around town!

Our Team:

Lyanne Frost-Madden, Office Manager

Five Fast Facts about Lyanne
Favorite thing about your job:
I love that I am involved in all aspects of the business and it’s something new everyday — from leasing and turning properties to helping tenants move in and taking care of day-to-day office tasks.
Favorite property: I love the one bedrooms at Continental Avenue Townhomes because of all the space you get and Green Briar Garden Homes because they truly are the best bang for your buck!
When not working: I love attending music festivals and simply enjoying life
Five things you don’t like Terrible drivers, people who chew loudly, Nicholas Cage, the word “moist,” and Gator fans.
Random fact that most people don’t know: I was a published poet by age 8 — most likely due to my obsession with the works of Edgar Allen Poe when I was young.


Brian Jackson, Leasing Agent

FSU, Economics, Class of 2012

Five Fast Facts about Brian
Favorite thing about your job:
I love the camaraderie I have with my co-workers and interacting with prospective tenants.
Favorite property: Our Stadium Houses — the new addition decks are my favorite feature.
Celebrity stand-in: Kobe Bryant – we both share a very competitive edge.
What you love most about Tallahassee: FSU sporting events
Anything else you’d like to share: I’m an open book – if you have any questions, just ask!


Ely Rosario, Business Manager, Marketing Director, Et Al

CSU, MBA Communications, Class of 2008
FSU, BA in Communications with Business, Class of 2000

Five Fast Facts about Ely
Favorite thing about your job:
I like the flexibility of my job, my boss, and the ability to be involved in all aspects of the business
Favorite property: I’m in love with many of our Stadium Houses. My favorite one’s are 1666 Mayhew and 2004 Karen Lane. I also love Green Briar Garden Homes, its just too pretty in and out.
When I’m not working: I spend a lot of my time training and competing in triathlons from sprints to Ironman as well as marathons all over the country. I spend time with my three kids and husband, travel, and work some more.
Random fact that most people don’t know: I enjoy watching old Spanish movies from the 40’s and small international films. They are very nostalgic to me.
If you were a superhero, which one would you be? She-Ra, the Princess of Power. She was tough, had lots of muscles, and kicked butt to save He-Man’s butt on a regular basis!


Erwin Jackson, Founder & Top Dog

FSU, Ph D in Counseling

Five Fast Facts about Erwin
Favorite thing about your job:
Being in charge.
Favorite property: 1601 Airport Avenue – it’s the first property I ever bought, so it has sentimental value.
When I’m not working: I work.
Celebrity stand-in: John Wayne
If you were a superhero, which one would you be? Superman because there’s only been one of his kind in our time.